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Creme Fraiche Recipe: Simple French Fresh Cheese

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  • 600g heavy cream
  • 2 tablespoons of organic kephir or kephir culture

Until now, we give you the easiest cream recipe you can make, creme fraiche can actually be called dense cream fresh cheese / it is more accurate to say fermented milk product. Fresh creme fraiche made without any additives has a very intense flavor. Believe me, when you see how easy this French fermented dairy creme fraiche is made, we guarantee that you will no longer buy packaged fresh cheese.

Creme fraiche is made by heating the ultra-unpasteurized heavy cream to an optimum temperature of 24 °C and adding a starter culture to ripening at room temperature for about 12-24 hours or longer. Here is such a simple product.

The most critical part of the Creme Fraiche recipe making process is that you use a strong starter culture (yeast). If the starter culture is poor, you will get a smooth product. You may not even notice a change in cream.

There are two ways to get a strong startup culture. One is to use kephir. The other may be a commercially produced mesophilic starter culture. It is now very easy to find these products in milk aisles in markets. You can find kephir and cheese starter yeasts here.

Creme Fraiche Recipe - While preparing, take care to mix the culture completely and evenly homogeneously
Creme Fraiche Recipe – While preparing, take care to mix the culture completely and evenly homogeneously

Method 1. – Using Kephir as Initial Culture

To use this method, you can start with kephir containing living cultures necessary for fermentation. The most common challenge of using kephir as a starter culture is that it usually does not contain microorganisms strong enough to be used as a culture. This can lead to bad results and a lot of frustration on your first try. Kephir needs to be concentrated to correct this situation.

Creme Fraiche Recipe - Ripe kefir made by adding kefir yeast to milk
Creme Fraiche Recipe – Ripe kefir made by adding kefir yeast to milk

Directions to make Cream Fraiche using Kephir:

  1. Mix kefir in a glass bowl at a room temperature of 21 °C with a spoonful of yogurt, 200g of cream and 3 tablespoons of kefir to mature, strengthen and increase the density of the microorganism population. After 6-8 hours, this mixture will have a much thicker consistency like fresh yogurt, and even the smell will be slightly sour. If the ambient temperature is above 21 °C, this process will take less time, if it is colder it will take longer.
  2. If this culture is ready (if it has thickened), place the whole culture in a large bowl and 3 cups (600) Add in too much unpasteurized cream, you may prefer organic cream. Mix this mixture thoroughly with a whisk. Cover tightly with a piece of cheesecloth and let stand at 21 °C for an average of 24 hours (Kalörifer or the oven in your kitchen is ideal for this). And Your Cream Fraiche is Ready !. Stir well before use, put it in a jar with a lid and let it rest in the fridge for another 24 hours.
Creme Fraiche Recipe - Thickening of the cream indicates that the yeast is working
Creme Fraiche Recipe – Thickening of the cream indicates that the yeast is working

Method 2. Use of a Ready-Made Mesophilic Starting Culture (Yeast)

This method is a simpler and guaranteed method than the other method. you can still get a rich and concentrated flavor. Using a starter culture to make creamy fraiche also provides very consistent results. You can easily use cream cheese, sour cream, goat cheese, kefir and cottage cheese. You can find these starter yeasts if you search on the Internet and in the markets for Mesophilic Sulfur.

Traditionally, rennet is not added when making cream fraiche, but if you want to use a slightly stronger cream fraiche, you can add 1 drop of rennet per each loaf cream diluted with 1 tablespoon of drinking water (no chlorine, do not use tap water).

2. Preparation of the Method

  • Add 3 glasses of organic and non-pasteurized cream in a clean glass container. Place the glass bowl in a pot of hot water, making “bein mari”, slowly heat it to 30 ° C so that the water does not touch the glass container and slightly heats your steam and cream. If you have Sous Vide in your home, it will be easier to do it by adjusting the exact degree.
  • Sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon of starter culture on the cream and wait for 5 minutes to activate.
  • If you want a harder texture. Add 1-2 drops of rennet to 1 spoon of lynx cream diluted in 1 tablespoon of drinking water and mix the cream thoroughly.
  • Cover with a piece of cheesecloth and mix in a water bath at a constant temperature of 20-21 ° C. rest for hours to mature. Or you can do this by placing your cream on the middle shelf with a container of hot water on the lowest shelf in a preheated and cooled oven.
  • Look at the cream at the end of 12 hours and you will see that it has a slightly dense consistency. Mix your Cream Fraice before use. To increase the aroma of closing in a jar with a lid, leave at room temperature for 6-8 hours.
  • Put in the refrigerator. You can keep your Cream Fraiche for up to 2 weeks. Always mix and soften before serving.


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